At last Monday’s meeting (15/8) members were blown away by the confidence and composure of two outstanding young persons following their attendance at two quite different, but formative, programs assisted by Epping Rotary.
Annie attended the NSW Youth Parliament and Angus attended the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN), a program that develops "life skills" and motivation to help teenagers cope with the challenges of a very competitive future.
Both were grateful for the support from Epping Rotary and both were impressive as they provided a thoughtful and stimulating perspective on their experiences and understanding of current issues.
In addition, Else gave an excellent summary of the work that The Shack ( undertakes to support the youth of the Epping area. The importance of this service was very clear from the range of activities and services provided often on a 1:1 basis due to the significant issues that the young person may be dealing with. Else's presentation made it so clear why we as Epping Rotary are committed to fundraising for this vital service in our local community.
These impressive young people are examples of the youth in our community and we as a Club are proud that we can support them in a range of ways.