The Walkathon project was conceived during lockdown. It was a way to help members of the club improve their own mental health through walking, one of the few activities we could realistically do when we were allowed out of our homes for only one hour a day. It was also a way to raise funds for mental health research and other Rotary projects.
It was the first time this type of project was attempted by our club. We did not know how we would fare.
The timeline was set to four weeks, August 23 to September 20, 2021. Participating members determined the number of kilometres they would walk before asking their friends and acquaintances for sponsorship.
Diaries of the imaginary voyages were written and shared with sponsors and other club members. It encouraged others to also share other walks around Sydney. The tone was set. It was creative, it was entertaining, and it was fun.
Six members participated in the Walkathon: Narelle Barker, Monica Saville, Gail Davis, Deretta Andrew, Sharyn Hubert and Toula Serna. Other club members sponsored participants or donated directly to the Walkathon funds.
We raised a total of $6,277 in four weeks!
The funds will be distributed as follows:
  Australian Rotary Health            $3,777
   Polio Plus                                 $1,500
   ROMAC                                    $1,000
Many thanks to all the participants who did an amazing job at raising spirits, increasing fitness, and keeping club members entertained and engaged in difficult times.
Special thanks to Gail Davis, our Club Service Director for organising and coordinating the project.
The Walkathon was certainly a great success on all fronts.
Walking in tunnel under the M2