The official opening of the North Epping Community Garden was held last Friday 1 April.
As most Rotarians are aware it was developed in partnership with the Rotary Club of Epping and Epping North Public School.

Special guests included: John Alexander, MP for Bennelong, Councillor Emma Heyde from Hornsby City Council, Co- Presidents from Epping Rotary Toula Serna & Narelle Barker and Stacey Exner, Director of Educational Leadership, Gordon network, NSW DET.

Funding for the project came from a commonwealth grant, ‘Building Stronger Communities Program’, and contributions from Epping Rotary Club and Betty Ockerlander.
Overall the project has cost nearly $30,000.  This includes all the materials: the planter boxes, garden shed, gardening equipment for the students and all the soil, mulch and plants and the lovely new outdoor tables and seating.

As the Community Director I would like to thank Michael Taylor, Assistant Principal at ENPS for his ongoing support along with the Principal Kerry-Anne Goldhagen. They welcomed the guests and talked about the project and all the people involved in making the project and the celebration possible. Thanks also to Toula and Narelle for their contribution to the afternoon and to the many Rotarians and friends of Rotary who attended.
Stuart Booty designed and constructed the Community Garden sign that was ceremoniously uncovered by John Alexander and two students from the school. Thank you to Talissa and Sakina from Year 5 for assisting with the unveiling of the sign.
After the official program was completed, the guests undertook an inspection of the Garden despite the rain and mud. The response from the guests was most positive and they were very impressed with the growth of the plants.
Thanks to Carolyn Booty for organising the catering for the dignitaries and guests at the event. It was a very lovely afternoon tea that was enjoyed by all.
This has been a very worthwhile Rotary project emphasising that the project was undertaken by many wonderful members of our community.
Thank you to all involved!

It is hoped that the students will enjoy the Garden and the fruits of its labour. 

Read more about the garden here:
Peter Garrard
Community Director